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About Us

PCT Carbide has been serving the metal working industry since 1997. We have been building and exporting precision tools across North America.

The creation of odd shaped holes and openings requires the use of capable tooling. The design of the tool is of utmost importance, sometimes requiring the tool to be tailored for the specific job. These tools cannot be ordered from a catalogue or picked up from a parts shelf. This is really where PCT Carbide has garnered a successful reputation as a reliable, reputable and distinguished cutting tool manufacturer.

We are one of the few companies that can work with various metals - high speed steels (M2, PM-M4, T15, etc.), solid carbide, carbide brazed and stainless steels, or as per customer specifications.

Some of the tools produced are End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Step Tools, Form Tools, Milling Cutters, Special Radii, Chamfers, Angles, Single or Multi Flute Cutters, etc.In addition to manufacturing new tools, we service our customers with a complete regrind and re-coating program.

We have a full service facility, state of the art equipment, highly trained and skilled staff working with one thing in mind - YOUR SUCCESS.